Once you have Throttle installed you may want to take advantage of the extra functions available in the additional Throttle:Limit plugin. See below for setup and configuration instructions.


This extension responds to periods of high bandwidth usage by switching the theme in use on your blog. The theme to use must be stored in the directory /wp-content/themes/low-bandwidth for it to work. Simply set the level at which you want the theme to switch in Options » Throttle. Feedback and suggestions welcome as always.

Thanks to Tim Elfelt for the idea.

Download the latest version here


Throttle: Limit contains two basic throttle functions to demonstrate a basic response to site overload.

Throttle:Redirect demonstrates the ultimate response to site overloading, specifically redirecting traffic elsewhere. In this case the plugin uses Coral Cache CDN to serve the cached pages.

Throttle:Images removes images from post content once the Throttle level is triggered, replacing them with links to the images themselves. By doing this it reduces the server load for casual readers, while not preventing access to images where they are important to the meaning of the article.

Download the latest version here


2 Responses to “Extras”

  1. throttlefun said

    Very nic eplugin! Thank you.
    where can I download the throttle-limit-v0.7.zip. The link above does not work

  2. throttlefun: Thanks for letting me know the link was broken. I’ve updated the page & it should now download fine. Let me know if you need any more help!

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