If you run your own blog on a privately hosted server you have responsibility for managing your load and bandwidth uses. Throttle provides a simple interface for doing this, providing your plugins are set up to interface with it.

These instructions assume you have the Throttle already installed. For installation following the instructions on the main Throttle pages.

Setting Up the Throttle

Once installed, Throttle adds itself to the administration panel under Options / Throttle. All Throttle settings, including individual plugin settings, is carried out in this section.

Throttle Status

The bar shown below appears on the top-right of the administration panel and shows the current status of the Throttle on your WordPress installation. As well as the numeric level it provides a descriptive indication of what this level means. As a general rule, it is preferable if the load level is below 2/3 of the maximum.

The Enable / Disable button can be used to switch the Throttle on & off as a whole. When disabled the Throttle does not prevent any actions on the site and plugins will behave as if it were not installed.

Setting Throttle Levels

On the left hand side of the Throttle panel is the list of currently set named throttles. These are set by plugins and themes to control their own behaviour. By selecting a value from 0 to 10 you can configure the point at which the plugin will switch off the particular named element.

See individual plugin’s help files for information on what particular settings mean for each plugin.

Advanced Throttle Settings

Under Advanced Settings you can configure the bandwidth restrictions of your current host, the average page size for the content on your site. In turn it uses this to deduce the maximum number of hits your site can withstand before overrunning your bandwidth allocation.

Normally these settings do not need to be changed.


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