Below is the complete list of (currently known) Email to SMS Gateways. Using the list below simply replace the n in each entry with your own mobile number. Send an email to this address and a message will be sent automatically to your mobile device.

Alternatively, use the automated form available here.

echo ‘


foreach($networks as $provider_name => $provider_detail)

$provider_name=substr($provider_name,strpos($provider_name,” “));

echo ‘


} ?>

‘ . $country . ‘

‘ . $provider_data[0] . ‘ ‘ . $provider_name . ‘

If you want access to the entire list in plain format see the networks directory [2]. Note that this list is part of the Quick SMS plugin and as such is subject to the GPL.


12 Responses to “Email to SMS Gateways, Complete List”

  1. ali said

    What about Iran phone?

  2. ali: I’ll happily add networks for Iran if you can provide me with your network’s “Email to SMS gateway”. If you call your service provider you should be able to get this from them. Let me know how you get on!

  3. Kelvin said

    I tried to SMS a friend in Netherlands (ORANGE), But the person did not recieve any message… .. does it really work? , that is the format right??.. reply me

  4. Kelvin: Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, been a busy few weeks! The network list has been built with feedback from individual users so the addresses given should work. In some cases you may find you need to experiment with the format of the number – for example some have a leading 0 while others use the country code. Individual networks sometimes also require and Activation code to be entered – although none is listed for your network.

    The best option is to contact the network and ask directly. If you find any information listed here is incorrect please let me know so I can update as appropriate! Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Daniel B said

    Hi Martin,

    Your info for Virgin Mobile in the UK appears to be inaccurate – I just received an email from them reporting:

    Thanks for your email to Virgin Mobile about our email to SMS gateway.

    We appreciate you taking the time to write to us about this. We’ve had a chat with our technical team about this and unfortunately it’s not a service we don’t have available on the network.

    You may be able to set your phone up for mobile email. If your phone supports it you’ll be able to get the settings from your ISP and refer to your user manual for how to put input them into the phone. Just to let you know we don’t directly support this service on our network.

    You’ll be charged our standard data charges for downloading the emails which is 0.5p / Kb.

    Disregarding the double negative in the second paragraph, it seems that VM doesn’t offer this at all in this country. I’ve tried various virgin domains for my number, including the one you’ve listed, and all bounce back a message:

    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:: host []: 553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

    Too bad, as I could really use this service for some scripts I’ve been running. Perhaps it’s time to move to another network!

  6. Daniel B: Thanks for going to the trouble to ask and getting back in touch. It’s a bit of a shame Virgin don’t offer the service – neither do Vodafone (my network, ironically).

    It seems that some networks had it but withdraw it while others simply don’t advertise it at all. It’s a slow process finding out so reports like this are most welcome. It does seem a UK only problem: other countries have a lot more networks supporting this.

    If you’re looking for a network that does support it, I’ve had definite confirmation for Orange.

    Thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated!

  7. SackX said

    In Czech Republic:
    Vodafone – (max 9×160=1460 chars)
    O2 – (max 60 chars)
    T-Mobile – (only paying customers)

  8. dcr said

    Very helpful list! This sort of page is why the internet is a good thing…

  9. Adil Saleem said

    This is really helpful. Good work!

  10. Tajim said

    For users in Nepal

    Spice Nepal

  11. All: Thanks for the updates sent in, they have been added to the list. Apologies for the delay!

  12. San Picciarelli said

    Hey mate,

    Is it possible to add new sms gateways?
    Brazil’s for one? (TIM, CLARO, VIVO, OI, Etc…)

    Congratulations though.
    This is truly something great.

    Best Cheers.

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