Use the form below you get your very own free Email to SMS address. You can use this to send SMS direct to most mobiles for free.

Simply select your Country & Network from the list, enter your mobile phone number and press Go». Sending an email to the address returned and an SMS will automagically be sent to your mobile device.

You can give your SMS Email to your contacts to allow them to get in touch with you for free from their PC. Don’t forgot to tell them to come back and get their own so you can do the same.



Some networks require activation to allow this service, the information required – if known – will be displayed alongside your SMS Email above.


Most networks provide this service completely free, but some do not. It is advisable to check with your own provider to check this out before using the service heavily. In most cases the cost of the message is covered by standard texting plans (e.g. free texts). Note however that it is the receiver that will pay any associated charges – hence the reason for activation above.

Other Networks

If your network is not listed, phone them and ask for their “Email to SMS Gateway” and they should be able to give you the address. If you find a new one in this way please let me know!

There is also a complete list of supported networks available. If you are using WordPress you may want to check out my Quick SMS plugin.


7 Responses to “Open Email to SMS Service”

  1. Omid said

    I have T-Mobile Account in US and this does not work for me. I fully understand the logic, figure maybe the mail address for T-Mobile US is wrong in your DB?

  2. Jo said

    Vodafone (Germany) sent this info:
    Price for Single SMS 0,20 Euro … :-/

  3. jimmy said

    This thing doesn’t work for any of indian network.. Don’t know abt the rest

  4. Omid: It’s possible. The addresses listed in the DB are user-collected & based on feedback I’ve got that they work/don’t – unfortunately I can’t test them all myself!

    One thing I could suggest is trying to format the number in different ways, for example with/without the country code or leading number. If any of these works for your number let me know & I’ll amend the DB to reflect this.

    Jo: The cost is usually just the reverse of the standard charge. Where you would normally be charged 0.20 Euro to send, you are instead charged 0.20 Euro to receive.

    This isn’t such a bad deal if you’re both using Email-to-SMS, although I can add up quickly. However, the texts should be included in your plan so you may still get them free.

    Jimmy: The India list was completed by someone in the country itself & I’ve not been able to test myself. As with Omid I’d suggest trying different formats for the numbers in case there is a problem there.

    Let me know how you get on – if you can supply addresses yourself they would be much appreciated! Thanks as always for the feedback.

  5. I have added a provider.
    Cricket communications.
    add this if you use cricket-

    us Cricket Communications = method unknown.

    and if verizon does not work try this..
    Send a text message from your phone to your email address, then check your email address and find the url then add it to the .ini file like this or something like that….

  6. All: Thanks for the updates sent it, they have been added to the list. Apologies for the delay!

  7. mrjazzz said

    You should check MYSMS.BZ It has a near exautive liste of sms gateways and a pay plan you would not beleive. Check now

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