The new widget advertising network from WidgetBucks has been getting popular recently for the higher click through rate and potential earnings. To maintain the amounts advertisers were willing to pay, they recently switched CPM ads for international traffic. Unfortunately this means that non-US & Canada visitors get lower earning non-targeted ads.

Until WidgetBucks targets non-US/Canada traffic better or provides Google-style “alternate ads”, it would be useful to be able to show something else to non-US/CA users in an attempt to maintain relevance.
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Increasing traffic is the measure of success for a website. More visitors equals more exposure which in turns generates more income. However, if you have hosted your site on a low-end package you could get hit by excess use charges just as your start celebrating your success.

Here at the combination of 4,625 visitors (8,531 hits) a month and popular free downloads quickly helped trip our 1Gb bandwidth limit.

In this article I’ll look at how I’ve used the combined power of Apache Server and Coral Cache to distribute all kinds of requests away from your server transparently.
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