WordPress Plugins Moved Home

July 3, 2007

To keep hosting costs on this site down (following the loss of Ad income) the following WordPress plugins are now unsupported:

AdSense Manager, Blog Juice, Blogtimes with Icons, IM Online, Infocon Widget, Quick SMS and Update Manager.

All the above are now hosted on WordPress Extend.

The one exception to this is Throttle
which currently remains at home here while I complete the FAQ files.


4 Responses to “WordPress Plugins Moved Home”

  1. bluEyez said

    you are dooing a good job 🙂 good luck, i would love to sponsor you but i am only 14 and i have no income :(, hugs and gl

  2. FS said

    I am confused. Are you baned or not? Is AdSense Safe or not?http://wordpress.org/support/topic/125511

  3. Adsense Manager seems to work great..
    with the one exception that i cant get the “non adsense” “direct Code” to work.
    Thanks for the widget though.

  4. Jauhari said

    Well done my friends 😉

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