AdSense Manager v2.0 (Beta) Released

May 22, 2007

A new version of AdSense Manager is now on limited release as Beta. This new version includes the most requested new features:

  • Referral Units (Text & Image)
    Referral units can be added by entering the CPA code (and format for Image referrals). These can be taken from the Google AdSense code generator manually. For an easier way to do this, see Code Converter below.
  • Copy Ad to New Ad
    Allows you to make duplicates of previously created ads to modify slightly
  • Direct Code Ads
    If you prefer to manage your Ads using Google’s online service you can use this method to save pure code into the AdSense Manager system.
  • Code Converter
    To make it easy to import settings into configurable Ad units, you can use the Code Convert (found in the Direct Code Ads section) to transfer code into a manageable Ad unit.

If you’re happy with Beta software (it may break) please download, test and submit your bug reports. If everything goes well the full release will be coming over the coming weeks!

Thanks for all your support & feedback.


16 Responses to “AdSense Manager v2.0 (Beta) Released”

  1. Pufone said

    Has the WordPress 2.2 sidebar widget problem been fixed?

  2. Hey. Is your tool the only way to show Adsense ads on a wordpress site? When I deactivate it all my Google Adsense ads become invisible. I’m just posting them directly in the ‘code’ tab of individual posts, since I haven’t figured out how to get them in the sidebar yet. I’m a very green, very new wordpress blogger, very lost.

    Thanks for your help

  3. Pedro said

    i am trying to create a few ads, but they just dont show in the webpage.
    i have activated the plugin, and put the account id.
    dont know what i have done wrong, can you help me?

  4. Pufone: It is now check 2.1 which has a fix for WordPress 2.2 Widgets. Let me know how you get on.

    Michelle Boraz: There are a few different plugins for putting Google Ads in your pages, although most aren’t updated any more & AdSense Manager does a lot others dont! If you deactivate it all the Ads will disappear because the it is the plugin which is putting the Ads in. Once you’ve set it up, leave the plugin running!

    If you’re new to WordPress you may want to check out the Support Forums where you’ll get answers to your plugin questions. Let me know how you get on.

    Pedro: Once you’ve created the Ads you need to put them on your page either using Widgets (Presentation » Widgets) or putting the code in your Theme Templates. More instructions available here. Hope that helps!

  5. Mojo said

    Warning: array_rand() [function.array-rand]: First argument has to be an array in /wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager/adsense-manager.php on line 154

  6. Mojo: Try v2.3! Fixed I believe.

  7. Lola said


    I’m just trying to install Adsense
    Manager and keep getting the following

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_register_sidebar_widget() in F:\Domains\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\adsense-manager\adsense-manager.php on line 1152

    What do I need to do?



  8. Lola: The latest versions of AdSense Manager need the latest versions of WordPress (v2.2 upwards). If you’re not able to upgrade, see one of the previous versions here. I remember v2.0 was compatible with the earlier versions.

  9. Lola said

    Thanks Martin – all sorted now…

  10. Pufone said

    Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

    The plugin works great! No more widget bug.
    Thank you very much!

  11. ophy said

    Hi there!
    I have a request!
    Could you please consider implement google_ad_channel feature to differentiate different ads on the same account?

  12. ophy: Channels are supported in the latest version of AdSense Manager. You can download it from WordPress Extend.

  13. ophy said

    Martin mea culpa! thanks!

  14. finl said

    Thanks for plugin from Hong Kong!

    Xie-xie 🙂

  15. Maxim said

    big thks to author! nice plugin

  16. Great Plug-in!

    I’m a newbie. I have WordPress 2.3 and just downloaded latest versio AdSense Manager. Get this error when I import:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::network() in /home/pimpyou1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager.1/class-admin.php on line 220

    Any ideas? Many thanks!

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