Free SMS Text Messaging via Email

April 7, 2007

Most mobile providers provide a method for sending SMS messages to handset by email, although many do not publicise this capability. Messages sent to these specially formatted email addresses are forwarded directly to your mobile device. In effect this service gives you free SMS messaging from PC to mobile phone.

It can take time to get this information direct from your mobile provider, so I’ve compiled a database of all known SMS Email addresses used by the major international networks.

To get your own personal SMS Email address, use the automated form to generate your own personal address.


10 Responses to “Free SMS Text Messaging via Email”

  1. Viraj said

    Hey Martin,
    This is the reply I got from Vodafone…
    “I have looked into this, and we have no Email to SMS gateway address. It is not a service that Vodafone supports. As long as you have a GPRS connection on your phone, that is as far as we can go. Any further information, you will have to contact the blog company.

    I hope you manage to get this working, if at all possible…”

    What puzzles me is how it is only working with some people and not others. Are those it is working with using it in the U.K. or are they using the Vodafone service in another country?

  2. Viraj: Thanks for checking into that for me. It is a bit strange that other people have reported it working. When I had a look myself one of the Vodafone addresses is actually the Vodafone email accounts – if you put your username in as your mobile number it will go directly here.

    These are accessible from the phone, but it’s not quite the same as SMS. It’s a shame because Vodafone are a good network for everything else (customer service etc. is usually good in my experience).

    I’ll keep my eyes open for an alternative method of getting through to a Vodafone mobile and let you know if I find any.

  3. Viraj said

    Ok, Cheers Martin!
    Really appreciate the work you’ve put into the plugin, keep it up!

    And when you said about the Vodafone e-mal addresses do you mean something like or .net?
    I tried e-mailing to that address through my e-mail account but it didn’t work.

    I’ll try using the number’s of some of my friend’s who are also on Vodafone and will get back to you if I get any luck.

  4. mike said

    Id just use peekamo. it has an inbox section and it’s free.

  5. Terry said

    I second that. to avoid problems and or spam, just stick with a simple and free service like peekamo.

  6. Malstrom said

    Viraj.. you need call to Vodafone and request a email address that will be associated to you phone number… i do this. I have the email from Vodafone but i can use the Plugin correctly yet… 😦

  7. erick said

    thanks for the information..

  8. Jane said

    For australia, new zealand and united kingdom i use because it’s free and i just email – comes as a sms to my phone and it works perfectly 😀

  9. All: Thanks for the updates sent it, they have been added to the list. Apologies for the delay!

  10. ssshah said

    How can I setup my own web SMS gateway on my windows or Linux machine?

    Basically I want some sort of PCI card which can hold my SIM card. I’m very much successfully by setting up web SMS gateway using my cell phone by following these steps:

    But I want a permanent solution for this purpose, I still wanna use same SIM card but i would like to fix it using a PCI card. Please suggest If i can get such card?

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