Adsense Manager v1.0 Released

March 15, 2007

Adsense Manager is “Yet Another Adsense Plugin” which helps you manage the Adsense ads on your WordPress site. Unlike other Adsense plugins however, Adsense Manager generates the code automatically for you. Now you can create, edit and position Ads all from within your WordPress admin panel. On WordPress Widgets enabled blogs you can also drag the Ads around your Sidebar to position them as you like.

Ad Settings

The plugin is currently fairly young (compared to some of my plugins) but it should be fairly stable and bug free. Feedback and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

More information is available here…


4 Responses to “Adsense Manager v1.0 Released”

  1. Valerie said

    This is a kick-butt plugin. I love it. I can change my color-schemes, my channels and embed Google ads into the body of my posts *easily*. Install went on without a hitch.

    May I suggest a “Create New Ad” from existing scheme? Then users can port existing color-schemes to new ad sizes without having to re-create the color schemes.

    Terrific Plug-in and well worth the easy revenue share.

  2. Swade said

    Hi Martin,

    I’m new to WP (currently on MT) and i’m pleased to say that AM is one of the plugins I’ve been able to load up and get working without any hassles at all so far.

    One question, though, is there anything I can do to get an ad unit placed in a post with the text wrapped around it?

    Any suggestions welcome.

  3. Swade: I can’t test this right now, but, you should be able to put <div style=”float:left”> in the HTML Before field, and </div> in the HTML After. That should float the Ad unit left and wrap the text to the right.

    Let me know how you get on! Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Valerie: Thanks, that’s a great idea! I’ll work that into the next version released. Busy with exams at the moment but once they’re out the way in the next couple of weeks I’ll get onto it!

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