Getting Started with AdSense Manager 2.x

March 14, 2007

AdSense Manager 3.x has now been released. Please see the updated instructions.

The instructions below will guide you through the first steps of configuring Adsense Manager 2.x.

Getting Ready

Before you can do anything else, you will first need to set yourself up with an AdSense account and install the AdSense Manager plugin.

  1. Download AdSense Manager.

Take the downloaded file, unzip and copy the adsense-manager directory into your WordPress plugins directory at /wp-content/plugins/. Access your WordPress dashboard, and go to Plugins. Click ‘Activate’ to install and start AdSense Manager: you’re now ready to set up your account and ad details.

Setting Up Adsense Manager

Once installed the first step is to set up your Adsense ID to enable Ads from your account to be displayed. To do this, go to Options » Adsense Manager.

Main Options Panel

Enter your Google Adsense Account ID in the box provided. You can get this from your Google Account Settings.

Below here are the settings for Be Nice! a method for supporting development by donating a % of your Ad space and Alternate Ads to raise funds for AdSense Manager. This new method is completely compatible with Google’s T&Cs and all ads are hand-selected and guaranteed to be family friendly.

Thanks for your ongoing support: the income generated in this way allows me to dedicate time that would be otherwise spent on a bar job.

Just enter a % value indicating the proportion of ads you wish to use to support us. If you enter 0 only your own ads will be shown (no hard feelings) but please consider donating instead.

Create Ads

You’re now ready to add new Ads to your site. There are a number of different types of Google Ad units available (Advert, Link Unit, Referral) and a number of ways to generate Ads (AdSense Manager Unit, Direct Code, Code Converter). The first is the simplest and should suit most small blogging sites.

Manage » Ads

Main Settings

To Add a new Ad Unit simply scroll down the Manage Ads page to the Create New form.

Basic Settings for All Units

First you need to enter a name for your Ad unit. Names are restricted to alphanumeric characters (i.e. a-zA-Z0-9) and the “-” character, however if you enter anything else in the Name field it will be converted automatically for you. Keep it short and simple.

Next you can enter a Channel ID from your Google account. Channels are an optional Google feature for tracking which Ads are generating most clicks. Unfortunately because of the way Google works you have to copy and paste your Channel ID from generated code on the Google website. See tips and tricks for a quick way to do this.

Product Selection

Product identifies which kind of Ad unit you are going to insert into your site. At this point you can choose between a standard Ad unit, Link unit or Referral. There is also the option of a Direct Code Ad. Each of these is covered below.

Adverts & Link Units

The final step for basic setup is to choose the format and dimensions of your Ad/Link unit. You can follow the link to see a list of available formats on the Google AdSense website.

Ad Unit

Note that both of these options allow you to “Use Default” as the setting. See the default settings section for tips on how to use these. If you’re unsure whether it’s worth it: Defaults give you the power to switch the colour of all the Ads on your site in a single click.

Link Unit

Colour Settings

Colour settings allow you to configure how adverts appear on your site. These are configured in the same was as on the Google AdSense website – simply enter the hex colour code (e.g. FFFFFF for white, FF0000 for bright red, etc.) into the box provided. You may want to check your theme’s CSS file and copy the colours direct from there.

Ad / Link Colour Settings

Again, as with format settings, you can leave these blank and AdSense Manager will use any default settings you have configured.


Google AdSense Referral units are links or buttons that direct visitors to signup for a number of Google provided services, including Google software (and Firefox).

Create Referral Unit

Unfortunately because of the way that Google Referral code is generated, it’s not possible to provide a list of options to build a Referral Unit.

Instead, once you have selected your Referral type (Text or Image) you need to then enter your CPA code. You can find this in your Google generated code: simply copy & paste it across into this box. If you are using an Image Referral (i.e. a button) you will also need to choose the correct dimensions at which the unit is to be shown.

I’ll continue to look into improving the interface used to generate Referral Ads. If you find it too much trouble to copy and paste the CPA code/etc. you can instead use the Code Converter feature to import whole sections of Google AdSense code in one go.

Direct Code Ad / Code Converter

Direct Code Ads are useful if you either want to use online Google AdSense code generator, or if you are using an alternative Ad system (not Google) and want to use AdSense Manager to position your ads. To use, simply choose Direct Code Ad from the Product list and paste your code into the box provided.

Direct Code & Code Converter

However, for users of Google AdSense there is another powerful tool available. By checking the box underneath the code area you can have AdSense Manager convert your code into a managed ad unit – taking on your defaults, and being configurable through the Manage Ads interface.

This is a simple way to ad previously generated code to AdSense manager, as well as a good (simple) method for importing Referral Ads.

Advanced Settings

All types of advert have additional “Advanced” settings shown on the far right hand side.

Show Inline Ads

Advanced Settings

Here you can choose which pages Inline Ads (those that you add to your posts using the <!–adsense–$gt; format) will appear on. Sometimes you may not want them to appear on your front page (to prevent showing too many Ads on one page) or your may want to hide them in archives. The default settings have them visible everywhere, but you can configure this if you wish.

HTML Markup

Advanced Settings

If you want to control the positioning of your Ads more carefully you can add HTML markup into these boxes and this will be inserted before/after your AdSense code. For example, if you want to float your Ads left (and have the text wrap to the right) simply enter: <div style="float:left;"> into the HTML Before box, and </div> into the HTML After box.

Alternate Ads (Optional)

Advanced Settings

Google allows you to specify an URL for alternative Ads to be shown when it cannot find anything relevant for the page you are displaying. If you want to specify one, simply enter it here. Alternatively you can specify a solid colour to display.

Default Ad Settings

An additional feature of AdSense Manager is the ability to set up Ad defaults. These settings are used as the basis for all your adverts and provide a way to change multiple adverts at once. For example, you can set up your Ad colours as defaults and then change all your ads simultaneously if you update your theme.

Default Ad Settings

To set up your Default Ad settings click on the “Edit” button on the top line of your Ad list. Scroll down to the Edit form and enter your values in the same way used for creating Ad units.

Once you’re finished click Save changes »

Ad Management

Once you have a few blocks listed, you can manage each block using the buttons provided on the right hand side of the Ad list. Details of each of these are given below:

Manage » Ads

Clicking + generates a copy of the selected Ad, which can then be reconfigured with any necessary changes. This is a good way of setting up a series of similar Ads for example. Note: You can also do some similar things with <a default settings.

Set Default sets which Ad unit will be used by default on your site. When adding AdSense Manager code to your site (or in your posts) you have the option to either specify an ad ID or to show the default. If you opt to show the default Ad on your site, you can then cycle through different Ad configurations by changing the selected Default Ad here.

Positioning Ads


If you have the Sidebar Widgets plugin installed, each Ad block will appear on the Widgets configuration page to be positioned as you like. Each Ad will appear with the name of the block in the title.

Ad Widget

Drag onto your sidebar and position as you want.

Sidebar Modules (K2)

Because of a limitation in Sidebar Modules you cannot configure them in the standard way for Widgets. Instead, from the Sidebar Modules panel, create a “AdSense Ad” module and tag it with the name of the Ad block which you want to display in that position.

For example, if you have an Ad block named #myfirstad, you can place it in your sidebar by creating an “AdSense Ad” module and naming it “#myfirstad”. Note that you can add anything else you want to the name of the Ad as long as the name is included, preceded by the # symbol. Once created you can configure the module as normal.

This support is currently experimental so please let me know how you get on & I’ll work to keep improving the interface where possible.

Posts and Pages

You can include Ads into your Posts and Pages using the code below where “name” is the name of the Ad block you have created.


You can also display the default Ad in your posts and pages by omitting #name. Doing this allows you to switch these Ads simply by switching the Default Ad in Manager » Ads.


Of course any Ads in posts update automatically when colours or layouts are modified.


You can include Ads in your non-Widget blog adding the code below in your WordPress templates. For example, a good place to add Ads might be sidebar.php.

<?php adsensem_ad('name'); ?>

Again you can display the Default ad by omitting the ‘name’ e.g.

<?php adsensem_ad(); ?>

If you want to avoid errors when you disable AdSense Manager you’ll want to add a function check to the above code. For example:




If you have any further questions on using Adsense Manager or have suggestions for modifications, simply leave a comment & I’ll get back to you.


157 Responses to “Getting Started with AdSense Manager 2.x”

  1. mk said

    Looks nice. But I have some questions:

    Does this plugin work with WP 2.1?
    Does it add an adsense-button to the editor (like the adsense-deluxe-plugin)?
    And, finally, one suggestion: It would be great if you could add two fields (before and after) to include html-code that wraps around the adsense-code.

  2. mk: It’s developed on the 2.1 branch so it should work flawlessly. Let me know if you have any problems.

    The plugin currently doesn’t add editor buttons, but that will be added for v1.0 (~1 week). At the same time I’ll add the “before” and “after” fields so you can add custom code.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. peter said

    Hi, I get an error after fresh install on 2.1.2.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_ireplace() in /home/mydomain/public_html/textmarketeercom/blog/wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager/adsense-manager.php on line 621

    Any ideas?

  4. peter: The latest version should solve the problems you were having.
    Download from the main Adsense Manager page.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Dave said

    Hi! Are you going to make it so we could put the ads easily in the post with the Visual Mode with having to go and modify the code?

  6. Dave: Yup, that was planned for v1.0 but a couple of other fixes took priority. I’ll be adding support for the Visual Editor soon (possibly this weekend?). I’ll keep you posted!

  7. Sabo said

    What is the difference between this and Adsense Deluxe plugin and MightyAdsense?

    Does your plugin offers something different or better?

  8. Sabo: The main difference is that Adsense Manager allows you to create & edit AdSense blocks without visiting the Google site – other plugins need you to copy and paste code. I think that and the default Ad settings make it easier to quickly generate and modify Ads across a whole blog.

    Adsense Manager also supports Widgets so you can drag and drop Ads around your sidebar.

    Adsense Deluxe does do some things better currently (e.g. restricting posts to certain areas – which I’m coding right now) and support for the Visual Editor for example.

    Ideally I’d like to see an uber-plugin for Adsense that does everything and does it well – hopefully me and the other plugin authors could get some collaboration going to that end.

    Try them all out and see how you get on. Even better – let me know if you see anything Adsense Manager is lacking.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  9. loopion said

    What should we put on “Layout Settings”, HTML Before and HTML After ?

  10. loopion: Whatever you like πŸ™‚ Simply put in any HTML you want to appear before or after the Ad block when it is output. You can leave these blank if you like, or use <div class=”name”> and </div> blocks to position Ads. If you need any more help let me know – I’ll start putting up some FAQs shortly.

  11. Oliver said

    The AdSense Manager doesn’t work with latest WordPress Version,
    not possible to save settings.

  12. StingingNettle said

    Where is the “save” button? For some reason there isn’t one showing up on the manage ads page. Maybe I missed something? If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks.

  13. Oliver: Can you confirm which version of AdSense Manager you are using? I have the latest version and it appears to work OK, but other people are also having problems with the saving.

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate the help.

  14. Lee Reedy said

    So far I have not been able to get it to successfully display the ads. Everything looks correct in configuration and I copy/pasted the code, then tried it with the adsensem_ad(); code into a template I know works with the regular adsense entry. I do not have widgets installed. Any ideas?

  15. Lee Reedy said

    Oh, I see, the code has to be between php code tags. But when I do that, some of the lines do not have the ending semi-colon as expected. So, starting at line 158, I corrected the syntax errors through line 167. I also inadvertently copied an extra space from my Google Adsense account settings page, so you may want to warn folks about that as well. Once that was done, it worked!

  16. StingingNettle said

    Ok, for some reason it doesn’t show up using Opera. I logged in using safari and it show up now.

  17. Lee Reedy: I’m not sure where all the semi-colon errors, etc. have crept in they don’t exist on my local install. I’m going to check the respositories & downloads to make sure there’s nothing funky going on.

    Thanks for the tip on the account number from the Google pages. I’ll fix the code up to strip out any non-numeric characters to make it a little less error-prone.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  18. Oliver said

    Hi Martin,

    i used AdSense Manager 1.2 (with WordPress 2.1.2).


  19. lozeone said

    installed the update and it works perfectly now, thanks.

    one question: is it possible to get it to display in the middle of a post automatically?

  20. lozeone said

    one other thing. the before and after HTML markup fields are adding slashes to quotes. is there a way to avoid this, or can i get the output in a string so i can run, stripslashes on it?

  21. dayllan said

    i install this plugin, but i am not using it anymore, what happend with de 5% of my money? sorry for my english. thanks

  22. Scott said

    For some reason when I activate the plugin it makes my blog a blank page

  23. Albert Grande said

    I am having difficulty with this.
    I put my adsense ID in the box and click save settings and the box becomes blank.
    Am I doing something wrong? Can you please help?

  24. Joe said

    Downloaded your plugin and went through the instructions. But when I enter my google ad sense ID in the manager, and click on save. It submits, but nothing appears to be getting saved. 😦

  25. Joe / Albert: Thanks for the feedback. There was a bug in v1.3 which sometimes prevented the Adsense ID from being saved. I’ve uploaded a fix as v1.5.

    Let me know how you get on.

  26. Scott: Is this still happening with the latest version? If it is can you point me at your site and I’ll have a look if I can see what’s happening. Thanks,

    dayllan: There is no way of tracking how much is raised by individuals using this plugin. Having said that the total raised by people using Adsense Manager and donating a % currently stands at $6.86. I’m not a millionaire yet.

  27. Joe said

    Fixed now, thanks. Nice plugin!

  28. Hello.
    I downloaded the lastest version. Thanks.
    Now I am kind of stuck:
    How do I get the adsense ad to show up in my blog.
    Thanks in advance

  29. Cherie said

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the plugin but
    can’t see the adsense ads except for
    the one I put on the side bar widget.
    All I get is the actual code. what do
    I do now!

  30. Scott said

    It is still happening with 1.5. There isn’t really anything to see. I have to go into the plugins directory and delete the adsense folder to get the site back up. I currently do not have it running b/c I need the site up.

  31. smsBabu said

    I tried using it.It is creating adsense widget so I can add it to side bar easily but I am not able to add in post. When I add $lt;!–adsensense–$gt;
    It is showing nothing..
    Kindly suggest me.. where I am wrong.

  32. hh said

    I am new here. where should I add the adsensem_ad() to?

  33. Cherie: Can you point me to an example page where this is happening? I’ll have a look and see if I can figure out what is going on.

    Scott: I will keep the bug in mind and have another go at hunting for the problem. It’s difficult to know what could be causing it although – given others aren’t having the same problem – it’s likely a plugin/theme conflict. Could you let me know what theme and which plugins you are using so I can reproduce? Thanks again for the help,

    Albert Grande: The instructions for adding the Ads to your blog are up at the top of this page! If you can’t understand or need anything else explaining in more detail let me know. Are you using the Visual Editor by the way?

  34. hh: It goes exactly where you want the Ads to appear. For example if you want to put them in your sidebar, you want to edit the sidebar.php file from your current theme and put a line like this into it:

    < ?php adsensem_ad(); ?>

    Remember to put it exactly where you want the Ads to appear. If you need any more help let me know.

  35. Renee said

    There’s a space after the opening bracket in the php code you posted for hh. I removed it and the Google ads show up.

    Also, it would be great if you could include the various code posting instructions on the bottom of the Manage Ads page. Thank you for a great plug-in: I really appreciate not having to configure the code in AdSense.

  36. Augusto said

    This widget works great! However I’ve been trying to use it with my Weblog editor (Qumana) without success. When I add the or adsensem_ad(); codes (or any other of my non-default ads codes I created) to the post I have on Qumana, the Adsense ads don’t come out after the texted is posted to WordPress. The Post comes out OK, but the ads don’t show up. Just the “adsensem_ad();” as if it were a normal text belonging to the post, not a call for the Adsense ad.
    Does Adsense manager works with posts created and published outside WordPress own write editor? If yes, how?

    Thanks for the great tool.


  37. Hello Martin.

    I continue to struggle with Ad Sense Manager
    I have completed all of the steps including posts and pages.

    When I try to post the given code:

    What shows up on my pages is the code as written
    instead of Ad Sense Ads.
    I know I am doing something wrong:
    Can you please help?
    I have read and re-read the directions several times.
    Thanks in advance.
    I am going to figure this out!
    I need a little help. I appreciate your patience.

  38. Sorry: Martin: What is the visual editor?
    Is that a separate program or plug–in??

    thanks agian

  39. Jauhari said

    This really great Plugins, I will try to use this

  40. hh said

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for your reply. It works after using the given command .

    However, I am having the next problem where Albert Grande faced. I cannot add adsense in my post. By adding or via wordpress visual editor or code editor, it just appreared as is in my posting. No adsense ad appear???
    Need your help please.

  41. hh said

    pertaining to my problem when creating my post, you may check my website at post on 6-Apr, just right after the photo. It just showed instead of the adsense ads..

  42. Albert / hh: I’ll have a look into this for you both tonight (GMT) and get back to you. One thing that I noticed hh is that on the page you pointed to the code contains <!–adsense–> rather than <!–adsense––> (note the double dash after the entry).

    Can you confirm whether this is what is being inserted? Or is it being saved correctly then changed on output? Thanks both of you… will get this sorted.

  43. Jauhari said

    Hello, How to Configure Channel? Does this must create manually on Google AdSense then we just paste on that Manage Ads Admin form? or this will create Channel automatically, when we setup on Manage Ads??


  44. Ok Martin…
    Looks like hh is on the road: his links are appearing.
    Here is the link to my blog:

    As you can see above the pic:
    Shows up…Do yuo have a suggestion for me?

  45. Albert Grande: Good to see we’re getting somewhere! If your putting the Ad blocks inside the post’s themselves you need to use the format <!-adsense--> to enter them. If you’re putting them outside that (i.e. in the template files) you need to use adsensem_ad();

    If you’re putting them in the template, remember to surround them with the PHP tags, i.e the full code is:

    <?php adsensem_ad();?>

    I think this might be what you’re missing? Let me know how you get on!

  46. hh said

    Hi Martin, I’ve tried using , , in my post but none of them display the adsense ads. check my blog (2nd post)

  47. hh: It appears it’s a problem with the Visual Editor that is also affecting Adsense Deluxe, etc. Now I can see where the problem is coming from I’ll work on a fix.

  48. hh said

    Thanks Martin, looking forward your fix on the issue. very much appreciated!

  49. Hi folks, getting behind with comments again!

    Augusto: Looking at what you’re saying I think you’re using the wrong form of the code for entering into posts. When adding Ads to the post code, you need to use the <!-adsense–> format to do that. It should not matter whether you’re posting from within WordPress or elsewhere, although there are currently problems with the Visual Editor.

    smsBabu: It could be because Google doesn’t have relevant Ads to show for your site. If there are no relevant Ads it will show a blank space. Leave it a few days & see if they start to appear.

    Gustavo: The problems you’re having would be better solved using the WordPress Support site which should help you with general installation instructions.

    If that doesn’t work point me at your site & I’ll have a look at what is going on.

  50. hh said

    Hi Martin, I still cannot publish the Adsense Ad in my post.
    Moreover, my usual Visual editor is not issing… any way to remedy it?

  51. hh: Still trying to get the adding code working under the Visual Editor. It’s easy to do by hand, but getting that into the plugin (and working) is proving quite difficult. I’ll keep you posted…

  52. Hi Martin,

    Much kudos for creating a successor to the popular Adsense Deluxe plugin. It was much needed!
    I have a few issues and recommendations. It would be great if you could look into these:
    – the before and after html are saved incorrectly with escaped quotation marks, therefore breaking the html rendering (view page source to check what I mean) See this example:

    – it would be great if you could also implement Google’s feature of having a solid colour or different ad if there are no Google ads to show. I use this feature to show a html page with display:none
    – The html output breaks once the plugin is disabled and you have adsensem_ad(“name”); directly in your template. Adsense Deluxe used a funtion check for this. Could you please look into providing one too?

    – I seem to have problems getting the adsense ad tags to insert in the code editor (not the visual editor, I know that one’s not working yet). There is no dropdown on the code editor for writing posts and the dropdown for managing/edit posts does show up, but isn’t inserting the ad tag.

    Hope you’ve to look into this. I have set my donation share to 10% .. may it bring you (and thus also me) a lot of fortune!

  53. hh said

    Thanks Martin for your support. Do update me when you have got the fix. Happy debugging! Thanks Again!

  54. 3P said

    Hi, am I missing something or what.
    How do you edit your adSense ID?
    After adding my ID I noticed it was wrong, but there doesnt seem to be a way to edit the information after is was saved.


  55. 3P: You should be able to to just go to Options » Adsense Manager, then click in the box (where your number is written in green) and edit as normal. There were problems with this in an earlier version so perhaps make sure you have the latest installed. If that doesn’t work let me know & I’ll look into it! Thanks for the feedback.

  56. I have the Summer widget ready theme and have followed your
    instructions but when I go into “Sidebar Widgets “the widget
    for the 250 x 250 I set up Adsense advert is not there so I can’t drag and place it where I want it.
    Can you give me some advice please ?


  57. Jesse said

    Hi, I’m trying to put ads on my pages. I’m new at this. Where do I put the code? Thank you

  58. travis said

    dude, these are by far the worst instructions i have ever seen

  59. travis: Thankyou for the constructive criticism.

    If there is anything specific you need help with let me know & I’ll be happy to do what I can.

  60. Hi Martin. After much frustration (and your help)
    I was able to get adsense ads to appear on
    my blog. Thanks.
    Also: do you have an ebook, tutorial or
    website you would recommend to leanr more
    about WordPress, widgets, plug ins, etc.?
    Again, I thankyou.

  61. 3P said

    Ok, Ive got it now.
    I dont consider myself stupid, but the area where you put your adsens nuber looks to not be editable. when you first add your number it askes you to save it but when it is saved it looks just like text field with a background color.

    That and I added the default settings and thought that was the add, didnt realise that you had to create adds under the default settings.
    Looks as if maybe there should be a bit more seperation or instruction on this .

    Thanks for your help.


  62. 3P: Thanks for the detailed feedback, much appreciated. First up, I’ll change the formatting on the ID form so that it’s more obvious it’s editable – that’s a bit of a usability mistake. Apologies for the confusion.

    As for the steps/etc. with creating the Ads I’ll go over the instructions here and smarten them up. To be honest they’re more or less unchanged from the early days of the plugin when things were a little less complex.

    I’ll be going back over all the comments posted here this weekend and putting together an FAQ which should solve the majority of questions that pop up.

    Thanks again & let me know if you have any more problems!

    Albert Grande: Glad to hear your got it sorted! Most of the message above applies to yourself I think too!

    Most of what I’ve learnt with writing and using plugins I’ve got from the WordPress Codex and the support forums. I’ve not used books or ebooks at all – although there is definately a market for them. Perhaps I should sit down for a few months and write out what I’ve learnt? πŸ™‚

    I intend to put more articles/etc. on this site over time – if there is anything specific you want to know how to do just let me know & if I can I’ll put together an article for you.

    Thanks again!

  63. Cali said

    I just installed this plugin (thanks for creating it, btw!), and I’m having an issue. I’m using the Neo-Sapien WordPress theme, which isn’t widget-ready, but had directions for making it widget capable. I did that and installed the Sidebar Widget so I could easily control AdSense Manager.

    In Manage >> Ads, everything was working great. The colors I set up showed up under “Colours”. After I dragged my default Adsense to the column I wanted, using Sidebar Widgets, the look of Manage >> Ads changed. Everything is gray and white now, with no colors appearing as they should. The ad appearing on the site is a white background, blue titles, black text and green urls. I can’t get it to change.

    Have you seen this issue before? Thank you!!

  64. Mark D said

    Thanks, great plug in, easy to use. I didn’t think the instructions were bad, but there sure seem to be some people that have a different opinion!

    The ads are showing up, but the text size inside the ads are pretty big. Is there a way to change that size? I actually tried the but it did not change anything….

    Thanks again!

  65. Cali said

    I think I figured it out, sorry for taking up your time. Thanks!!

  66. Cali: Thanks for the feedback & glad to hear you have it sorted (thanks for getting back to let me know also). Did it turn out to be a bug in the plugin, or was it a problem with the widget implementation?

    SanBrother: Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Let me know how you get on.

    Mark D: I had a look at your site and the font looks pretty normal for AdSense Ads. It’s not possible to change the font size through AdSense on the website, and although it may be possible using CSS/JS I think it actually goes against the Google T&C’s to do that. The Google AdSense help site may have more info.

  67. Jean-Paul Horn: Thanks for the detailed feedback & bug reports. I’ve fixed the before/after code bug in my development version and will be updating this tonight.

    I’ll also check the insert code/etc. for the Code Editor – I’ve managed to reproduce the bug with the Insert drop-down not appearing. Hopefully this should be uploaded tonight.

    I’ll look into the “default Ad/background colour” also and if it’s not too much work I’ll roll that in alongside everything else. I’ve got a few additional bugfixes for K2’s Sidebar Modules/etc. also so I’ll be kept busy!

    Thanks again for the great help, feedback (& generosity!)

  68. Jesse: The easiest way to add the Ads to your theme is to use the code shown just above the comments (see heading Code). Edit the sidebar.php file for your theme and put the code in where you want the Ads to appear. If you’ve not edited themes before/etc. you may want to check out the WordPress forums to get some tips as you’ll be doing this a lot!

    Ken MacKenzie: You’ll need to create a named Ad block for it to appear in the Widgets section. Once you’ve done this, check to see whether anything is showing in your Sidebar Widgets section? Ads should be listed as Ad #name. Let me know how you get on!

  69. Jean-Paul Horn: Apologies for the delay in giving you a response – I just answered your earlier message above! I’d kept it sitting in the queue until I had time to work on the problems.

    How are you adding the Ads which are not displaying? Is this inline Ads, through the sidebar or with Widgets? Inline Ads have On/Off/Default options to decide where they are shown. Perhaps there is some bug in the logic – I’ll look.

    Thanks again for the feedback – It is appreciated!

  70. hh said

    Hi Martin, I am still strugging to put the adsense ad into my post, do you mind guide me how to do so?

  71. Hi Martin – thanks for your advice. I have now added an Adsense block as you can see in my Blog. Would you mind me asking one more question? I can’t see where I can get some information on how many visitors come to my Blog each day. can you recommend a Plugin for this ? Allso, where do I put my tags (keywords) ? Sorry, I’m very new to all this.
    You help is appreciated


  72. Hey thanks for this Great Plugin. πŸ˜€

  73. Cali said

    @Martin: Actually, it was just a stupid mistake on my part. I was entering the # sign when editing colors, and since that’s a default, it didn’t understand my entries. πŸ™‚

  74. hh said

    Hi Martin, I observed that I actually managed to see my Adsense Ad in my post only if I click on the Post header to view it individually.

  75. hh: I think I’ve fixed your problem in the latest update (v1.6). However, you’ll need to check through (and re-save) the Inline Ads options to make sure the settings are correct – generally you want the defaults to be set to “Yes” and the individual Ads set to “Use Default”.

    Hope that helps – let me know of course if it’s still jiggered!

    Cali: Not at all – it’s a little bug really as a lot of people will think like you and put in the #. I’ll code up a fix to strip any non-hex characters out of the string so it’ll auto-fix itself. Thanks for reporting it!

    Ken MacKenzie: For visitor tracking I’d suggest using the Google Analyticator plugin & Google Analytics service. It gives a lot of very detailed information which should be everything you need. What keywords are you trying to add?

  76. hh said

    Hi Martin, Thank you so much for the fixed. I am now able to see my adsense ad in my post after following through your instruction. You are simply great and helpful. I love your plug-in. It’s simple to use!

  77. irishbloke said

    i cant get the adds to appear at all tried many times but nothing works.

  78. irishbloke said

    ignore my comments please i had adblock turned on in firefox. Got it working at last, nice addon.

  79. Antonio Fish said

    How do I embed an ad on my homepage so that it comes before any of my posts?

  80. irishbloke: No problem. You’re not the first do that (including myself) and I’m sure you wont be the last!

    hh: Nice one, glad we got it cracked at last. Thanks for sticking with this & giving detailed feedback, much appreciated. If you think of anything else AdSense Manager needs let me know!

  81. armis said

    Hi Martin,
    I got Adsense Manager installed and I can add a to posts, but do not see any ads alive. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  82. hh said

    Hi Martin, thought I have a smooth sailing from now on… but I’ve just encountered a slight problem which used to be funcitoning before. Now my Adsense Ad at my sidebar (previously managed to show up using sidebar widget) is gone. I checked on the option setting from Adsense Manager: Show Inline Ads, all the four options are set to Yes. My Adsense Ad from shown on header as well as within post are ok. Just the sidebar not displayed. Do you have any idea?
    My site is My Adsense Ad is added just below the Google Search (of the Sidebar)

  83. hh said

    Hi Martin, thought I have a smooth sailing from now on… but I’ve just encountered a slight problem which used to be funcitoning before. Now my Adsense Ad at my sidebar (previously managed to show up using sidebar widget) is gone. I checked on the option setting from Adsense Manager: Show Inline Ads, all the four options are set to Yes. My Adsense Ad from shown on header as well as within post are ok. Just the sidebar not displayed. Do you have any idea?
    My site is My Adsense Ad is added just below the Google Search (of the Sidebar)..

  84. brennan said

    I am getting a warning on the manage ads page in WP, can you help?

    Warning: key() [function.key]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager/adsense-manager.php on line 662

  85. Randy said

    I get this error when I go to manage ads:

    Warning: key() [function.key]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/savemyd/public_html/news/wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager/adsense-manager.php on line 662

  86. hh: It’s showing up now. More often than not if Ads don’t appear it’s because Google has no relevant Ads to show for that page – it won’t simply put random Ads in their place (unless you opt to have Public Service Ads showing).

    Let me know if you have any more problems!

  87. Randy / brennan: This is a bug in the plugin. You can stop the message appearing simply by creating your first Ad unit under Manage » Ads. It’s fixed in the latest version which will be released tonight.

    armis: For the same reasons mentioned to hh above, you may want to wait a little while to see if the Ads start appearing. Google needs a while to check the content on your pages and find relevant Ads. If they are still not appearing after a few days let me know and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on.

    Antonio Fish: Open the file named index.php in your template directory and look for this line: <?php if (have_posts()) : ?>. Put the AdSense template code from this page in here and it should appear right before the posts.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  88. hh said

    Thks Martin! I managed to get it shown up at the sidebar after changing to another wordpress theme. My original wordpress theme seems to have problem with it. Thanks for your response. Your plug-in is still the best and easiest one to use! Great job!

  89. Roger said

    when using adsense manager in mu, is it possible to have ad sharing with the other blogs similar to the way the ad sharing works with you? ie, 5% for you, 5% for me, the other user 90%

  90. Roger: Not currently, although I’m looking into it. Hopefully this should make it into the next release over the coming weeks. Unfortunately it’s a busy time for me at the moment (exams) so I can’t make any promises! Thanks for the feedback.

  91. Rudai said

    Hello, how do you put ads in a wordpress search result page?

  92. Roger: The latest version (v1.8) now supports multiple Google AdSense IDs for users of WPMU. Try it out and let me know how you get on!

  93. Hi, I have installed the plugin, and it works as expected in the posts-although there is an unusual anomaly I can’t seen to get rid of. I have inserted ads into my post which are colour coordinated and work fine, however, at the base of the post, another ad appears (where I did not specify it to) and displays in default blue, black and grey colours – none of which I’ve specified!?!?! Please could someone make a suggestion as to what’s going on? Thanks

  94. Anderson said

    Martin, when i choose an ad format and put in my sidebar widget, the chosen format is not working. It’s appearing a different format.
    IΒ΄m using WP 2.2 in this blog:


  95. Andrew, Sqwink Design: That’s certainly an odd one. Are you still having this problem & with what version of AdSense Manager/WordPress? I’ve not heard of this before!

    Anderson: This is a known bug in v2.2 of WordPress. It’s going to be fixed in 2.2.1 (due soon). Keep an eye out for the release and install when it’s ready!

  96. @ Martin Fitzpatrick: Thanks for your reply. I have now sorted the problem as follows. A while ago, I inserted some Adsense code into my comments.php, but it never functioned as I missed of the final arrow (>) by mistake. Somehow when I installed your [great] plugin, it activated this code in default colours…that’s what seemed to happen anyway. I’ve now deleted this ‘dorment code’, and your plugin is working really well. Thanks for the plugin!

  97. Ed Rought said

    I have installed the adsense manager plugin and it shows on the manage and options menus, but I can’t get any ads to show on the pages. I have put in my account, tried changing the settings on the ads, tried both default themes and the one I am trying to setup, but nothing shows.

    As I am fairly new to WordPress, I am not sure exactly how to check for what sidebar the theme is using. I could not find a plugin specifically as a sidebar, so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Ed Rought

  98. Bill Weye said

    Great plugin, Martin. Thanks for your work.

    One feature that would be absolutely great, and maybe enable a few people to drop another plugin, would be the ability to rotate a set of referal ads. In my mind, being able to roatate different types of referals (firefox, adwords, google pack, etc.) might be more effective in getting responses.

    Again, thank you.

  99. Max said

    Martin, the same problem – ads are displayed in default adsense colors and in default box size. I’ve looked at the page source code and find out that plugin just outputs
    google_ad_client, google_ad_channel and google_ad_format parameters in adsense javascript.

    Also, the ad insertion to theposts doesn’t work well, I receive just code on the page (the default ad is configured).

    I’m running WP 2.2 with BloggingPro theme

  100. Ed Rought: You need to either add your Ad units to your sidebar using Widgets or directly using the code given above on this page. If you’ve not done anything like this before you may want to check the WordPress Support Forums as you’ll need to do the same for any plugins you install. Let me know how you get on.

    Bill Weye: That’s on the to-do list for the next release. Thanks for the great idea!

    Max: There have been problems with the new WordPress in-built Widgets. I’ve released an updated version (2.1) which should solve the problems you were having. Thanks for the feedback & let me know how you get on.

  101. Max said

    Martin, your 2.1 works well! Ad widget displays adsense block properly. As for injection – it was my mistake, I’ve inserted the code in the Visual editor instead of Code and didn’t look at the AdSense drop-down there πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the update!

  102. nick said

    I got this error when I activate the plugin:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_register_sidebar_widget() in ……/wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager.php on line 1152

    I’m on WP 2.1 and K2. I have the Sidebar Widgets plugin enabled. I can’t even get back into the plugin page anymore, I had to rename the adsense-manager.php file to and then the plugin page can be displayed again. Are you aware of such an error?

  103. nick: Are you using the latest version (2.3). There have been a few problems with the plugin since Widgets were brought into WordPress core and I had to rewrite parts of the plugin to work with it, although I had thought I’d made sure it remained compatible with SBM.

    Can you let me know which version of the plugin you’re using & I’ll have another look myself. Thanks for the feedback.

  104. rogotenin said


    I am Lucy, I have found your website while searching for some info at Google. Your site has helped me in a big way.


  105. Rickenbacker said

    I have a strange issue, the versions first: WP 2.2.1, Adsense Manager 2.4. The following is all that shows up in the html source:

    What in particular I’m missing is the “google_ad_width” and the “google_ad_height” lines. The reason why I would like those lines is that the add is cut of, it is not full size. I’ve tried disabling all other plugins without success

  106. moshu said

    WP 2.0.10 and the Latest of the Adsense Mngr.
    Everything seems to work nicely – except in the Write Post area the dropdown quicktag is not displayed. The manually inserted –adsense– works.
    On a very similar local (XAMPP) test install with 2.0.9 the quicktag is there.
    (No, this blog will NOT update to the 2.2.x branch, it will stay with the 2.0.x)

  107. eebit said

    Hi. I’m really stuck on getting the adsense to be in the post. Where do i add the code?

  108. Adrian Van said

    I’m reworking my site to use WordPress 100% (previously I was using WP-Xoops and that’s causing me a ton of headaches) and I found your plugin and this will definately help me in my ad management.

    However I noticed some pitfalls with your plugin, but I think it’s due to the changes google has made and the date your “latest” release.

    Firstly google adsense has added rounded corners and your plugin doesn’t seem to support that feature (using the direct code option works around that problem). Secondly using the referral (text/images) doesn’t display the ads (I’ve entered the CPA correctly), upon checking the generated code I realised that the code generated by the plugin doesn’t match the code generated by google.

    I wanted to attempt adding those features to your plugin however I got lost midway through your code, and that’s entirely my fault as I’m still not familiar with WP plugin coding system yet. So I’m hoping your next release for this plugin will have those features.

  109. Rex said

    Hi… There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the ad sizes I choose/create from adsense manager, and the ones that ultimately appear on the page when you insert one of the widgets that get created when you make a new ad unit. I’ve read just about all of your documentation and I can’t seem to fix it. The bit where you talk about sidebar module panel – I either don’t have that in my version, or can’t find it. I don’t seem to have any trouble inserting ads on actual posts though.

    Also one last question – you talk in the docs about the “be nice” feature, and then about how it’s removed, yet there is still remarks about how to bring the percentage down to 0%. Is this feature still there, and if so how do I change it (SPECIFICALLY – your instructions seem deliberately vague).

    Btw I would happily “be nice” for this once I get it working properly, though I think making it optional rather than mandatory is a good move.

  110. byadha said

    Hello martin iam from indonesia i have install this plugin, but when i put the code <!–adsense#name–>, the ads not show on my post but if i put this the ads showing. this is error or what?

  111. Sorry for delay in getting back to comments – moved to a new place before returning to uni & connecting via a mobile phone (very expensive!)

    Rickenbacker: Have you tried setting the default ad width/height or specifying the format in the Ad settings. Unless a format/dimension is specified it won’t output. If you are doing that it a bug – please check you’re using the latest version and then I’ll look into it.

    eebit: To add Ads to pages you need to include the code while you’re writing. This needs to be done through “Code View” and not the “Visual Editor” (where you can see bold, italics, and other styles). Hope that helps.

    Rex: When including Ads in posts make sure you use the #name given to the ad when it’s created. If you don’t it will use the “default” sizes/dimensions – which could explain the weird things you’re seeing. The sidebar modules depend on you having the Sidebar Modules plugin installed in earlier versions of WordPress – the latest versions include this by default. Do you have the latest version of WordPress & AdSense Manager installed?

    The Be Nice bit was removed from AdSense Manager on request from Google. I’d just forgotten to update these instructions – it wasn’t my intention to be vague, or stupid πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have any other problems.

  112. byadha said

    Hello martin, I try to put still not work on my post. thanks before

  113. Eric said

    Fixed it πŸ˜‰ Thanks – Great product!!!

  114. Dicken said

    Martin, Firstly thanks for creating an awesome plugin. Your instructions above are some of the best I have seen for a plugin!

    I have a few questions that I’d love to get answered:

    I would like to use an adsense wide skyscraper block in my “single post” template and have the block word wrap the text around the adsense block on the right and appear automatically a couple of paragraphs down. Is there a way to set the code to do this?

    Also, is there a way to have an adsense block appear on the first 4 posts listed on the home page and not the rest? I plan to use a 468 X 60 banner on the home page but would like it for 4 posts only.

    Thanks for the great plugin and I look forward to hearing from you

    All the best

  115. A nice plugin of WP, it is what I am looking for.
    Thank you Martin. Keep your good work.

  116. Dave said

    Can someone tell me where I place ? I’m new to this and just want to add adsense to my posts. Thank you very much

  117. Dave said

    Sorry the code didn’t show up but can someone tell me where I place the –adsense#name in order to add adsense to my posts. Thank you very much.

  118. Sas said

    When I try to go to Manage Β» Ads I get:
    Could anyone help please? Thanks, Sas

  119. Bobby said

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the great plugin. Do I understand it right that it doesn’t matter if I set a percentage in wordpress for the “Be Nice”? If it doesn’t work no more why is it still there in 2.4? I hope you can explain me because I’m a bit confused.

  120. Marc said

    Thanks, this plugin is very convenient to use and to change fast the ads on my site, well done!

  121. I’ve setup and used the adsense manager as directed and have some
    problems with it. I ad the codec to my posts
    and it supposed to automatically shut off code when there are
    more than three ads on the page, however this doesnt work for me
    some of the posts on the main page will not display any ads or
    404 page not found, however some posts display the 404 not found
    where the ads should NOT be. The first 3 sets of ads display no
    problem, the problem occurs after the initial 3 ads. Basically
    I dont want the 404 page not found to show up where the ads should
    be. anyway to fix this without deactivating the plug-in and placing
    ads manually?

  122. Jason S said

    I’ve noticed something odd. If I go to option, then “Adsense Manager”, then click on “manage ads” I get the following error:

    failed to open stream: Success in: … wp-admin/admin.php on line 63.

    However, if I click on “Manage” then click on “ads” I don’t get the error.

    I’m using wordpress 2.3 and the latest version of Adsense-Manager from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

  123. Andrew said

    Is there an WPMU version or can it be modified to work in a Word Press multi User install?

  124. great!simply love it.
    installed and used. successfully

  125. Derek said

    Due to adsense policy, I can only have 3 ad units on a page. Anymore and I will get a “The Webpage cannot be found” on site. Is there anyway to prevent it from happening? I do not want to remove the adsense code as the ads will still appear if there are less than 3 ads on the page.

  126. Paul said

    I’m trying to use Adsense Manager with the Author Adsense plugin but cannot get them to play together. I need to be able to enter php code in place of the Adsense account number.

  127. Sharkchild said

    I have put a couple ads on my site with your software and it is great, but once I put a third ad, as you can see on my site (in the middle sidebar at the bottom), it doesn’t show on the main page. How would I fix this—it is strange because it shows on all other pages except the index.

  128. Andrew said

    Hello first I want to thank you for this mod it works great.

    Second I use this on a MU version of WP and while it works great the issue I have currently is that the settings for the plugin are all blog specific in other words each blog creator can make their own add blocks using their adsense code. Is there a way to make it so that all blogs use the same settings for adds as the parent blog. Or atleast add our adsense number into the rotator that your donation script is in so that our adds display x% of the time on a sub blog?

  129. sanjay said

    my blog only show 1 particulay ad
    through-out the whole site, and
    does not change new add according to
    content… same ad over and over..

  130. I want to place in all my posts and then for the plugin to limit this to 3 on the homepage of my blog. I was expecting the extra adds to show up as blank white space but instead I get a 404 error. Any idea? Many thanks.

  131. poh said

    Hi, this is the 1st time i am using the Google AdSense. Isn’t the ad wil l only appear at sometimes? Or any problem with my setting? TQ for reply!

  132. Lane said


    I am having difficulty getting the URL channel for Adsense work. On this page, this instructions state that because of the way Google works you have to copy and paste your Channel ID from generated code on the Google website. See tips and tricks for a quick way to do this.

    When I click on tips and tricks, it just takes me to this page.

    Also, does this apply to URL channels or just Custom Channels

    thanks for you help


  133. Fredrik said

    Hi, I’m having the same problem as Rex, I can’t find an Adsense module in the K2 Sidebar Manager. The only thing I could come up with was creating a “Text, HTML or PHP” module and fill that with the php code in the last section of this article. And it didn’t even work.

    I’m using the newest version of WP 2.3.1 and Adsense Manager 2.5.

  134. Fredrik: I originally fixed the problem that was happening with K2 Sidebar Modules, but when WordPress got Widgets built in it broke the implementation.

    I’ll have another look at it and see what’s going on. However, I’m actually working on version 3 right now (should take ~1week to complete) so any fix is likely to have to wait til then. If you have any other requests/fixes/suggestions in the meantime let me know and I’ll see if I can get them in.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  135. Bill Weye said

    Hi Martin,

    Just wondering what you’re planning with v.3? Google has changed adsense a lot recently, in some ways taking away from the usefulness of your plugin. I’m putting up a couple of sites and I wanted to get a sense of whether I should just use adsense and not your plugin.

    thanks very much for your work.

  136. Bill Weye: I’m hoping to v3 out in the next few days, although it may have to wait til after new year because of family commitments. Basically I’ve re-written it from the ground up to support every ad network that I know of, rather than relying on code-only sections for other networks.

    You’re right though, the new Slot feature of AdSense takes away the usefulness of being able to edit colours/etc. from within the plugin, although the old features still exist. It still has uses in managing where ads appear and switching/changing ads without editing code (especially in posts for example). I’ve also added an updated alternate ads system which allows you to specify a AM defined ad-block (from a different network) to use as an alternate when Google doesn’t have anything to serve. Plans for after v3 include things like allowing grouping and rotating of ads in particular spaces on the site for example.

    All in all it depends on whether you want to be able to do some of the management side of things from within WordPress, which depends on how you use your site. If you have any suggestions for things that would make AM more useful please feel free to drop me a note, all ideas welcome!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  137. Bill Weye said

    Thanks for getting back to me, Martin.

    Any suggestions I have for features for AM would run along the lines of including things that would allow me to delete other plugins, like Adsense Injection. The one thing about that plugin that’s convenient is that I don’t have to edit a theme to inject an ad into the single post template, for example, and I can tell it where to be, left or right, and how many to inject.

    I always try to favor plugins that are more comprehensive, that allow me to run fewer plugins. I think as WP and plugins get more complicated, we’re all going to looking for ways to speed our install. I guess that would be another under the hood request: that AM be as quick as possible.

    Again, thanks very much for your work, and have a good holiday season!

  138. I was wondering if you can set a “widgetized” ad to NOT display for a certain page (i.e. preventing advertisements from showing on registration/thank you pages).

  139. Joey Mattews said

    Simply great!

    I’ve been having trouble with getting other adsense plugins to work with the lastest version of wordpress. Yours appears to be the only one, although I can only display them in the sidebar. (even though I use the adsense code)

    Don’t happen to know if there’s a plugin which adds adsense to every comment or 1,5,10? I’m new and unable to find such a thing.

    Thanks for creating a great plugin!

  140. Tony said

    I’ve just installed the latest version (2.5) into the latest WP version (2.3.2). When I try to create a new ad or edit the default ad, I don’t get a “Format:” dropdown for Ad Units, and I also don’t get the Code Settings box for the Direct Code Ad selection. I *only* have Name, Channel, and Product selectors in the “Basic” area.

  141. Johan said

    Great plugin,
    but is it possible to include a revenue sharing feature?

    Like the one on

  142. Albert said

    How can I limit it to showing only one ad per page?

  143. I just added the default add to my sidebar at – is there a way to influence the adds. The adds that are showing up are total bunk…

  144. Greg M said


    Do you have or ever intend to to release a versions for wordpress-MU?

    It would be great if a ‘site owner’ could allow blog owners to display google ads on their blogs with x% of the ads using the site owners google code and y% using the blog owners code, ie revenue sharing.

  145. Karsten-Beate said


    Thanks a lot for the great plugin!

    Is it possible to disable inline ads using some sort of code? Disabling the inline ads on front, single, archive and search via the control panel works great, but I’m not able to figure out how to disable them on my print preview page.

    Thanks again!

  146. Just brilliand, I have just implemented it on my blog and man that was super easy! Love it, thanks Martin πŸ™‚

  147. Karthi said

    Amazingly easy! I thought it was going to be difficult to get ad sense on to my website template.

    Great work and thanks for making my life so easy.

  148. rob said

    Thank you for this post, I’m new at blogging and this helped me alot. I will make your blog a frequent stop.

  149. Rob said

    Comments on this subject aren’t displaying completely, so I can’t read your answer to Nick, who had a parsing error.

  150. eti said

    Is the new version not compatible with php4 anymore? if so then you should add a warning for people upgrading. Are there reasons not to maintain php4 compatibility ?

  151. john higham said

    when i upgrade to v3 i get this error message :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function adsensem_upgrade_process_v2_x_to_3_0() in /home/pmguruco/public_html/home/code/wp-content/plugins/adsense-manager/class-upgrade.php on line 90

    can you help ?



  152. Esmelin said

    Adsense requires PHP v5 ? I had a problem when i try to activate the plugin, I’m using WordPress v2.33
    (Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in …/plugins/adsense-manager/adsense-manager.php on line 115)

  153. Just a quick update, AdSense Manager v3.0 has been released. It’s been a bit of a buggy start but it seems to have found its feet. Taking any suggestions and feature requests now: from what I can tell revenue sharing (for MU), limiting ad numbers/page and ad injection seem to be the big requests. Don’t worry- I’m working on them!

  154. If you’ve had problems with v3 please make sure you download the latest version (as of writing this is 3.0.5). Despite bug testing there are always problems on a major release and this is no exception! I’ve been coding to patch it up since it rolled out and it seems most problems are now fixed.

    Of course, if you update & get the same problems: let me know!

  155. johnny said

    i am trying to install the adsence plugin for wodpress, in the set up it asks for code before and code after….. where do i look for that in the theme editor, stylesheet??? page template??? index template????

  156. johnny: Please make sure you have the latest version of AdSense Manager installed (currently 3.0.13) and then see the updated instructions. Just so you know: you can leave the before/after bits empty.

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