IM Online v3.4b Released

February 28, 2007

WordPress’ most popular IM status plugin has made it the grand old age of v3.4. The latest version is the result of a fast run of development following the rewrite for v3.0 and brings added stability, intelligence and accuracy to your online status notifications.

New to the v3.x branch

  • Status checking now carried out within the plugin, providing for caching of status and intelligent server switching on failure.
  • Improved reliability, auto-selects servers based on previous success in getting a positive reponse (online/offline).
  • No delay to display online status on the page
  • Up to 7 accounts for display, configurable order

Version 3.4b specifically addresses a number of early implementation bugs and improves on the intelligence in the status-server switching code. IM Online now remembers which servers are most likely to give good online/offline responses and automatically uses them next time – saving checking time and preventing poor results.


Upgrading is easy and is highly recommended to anyone using a previous version of IM Online.

Comments and suggestions welcome as always! Thankyou for helping make IM Online one of the most popular WordPress plugins around.


One Response to “IM Online v3.4b Released”

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